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Simple and easy to use cash register system

Suitable for all kinds of restaurants, milk tea shops, tea shops and fast food restaurants. Provide stable and reliable local equipment, easy to learn, understand and use.

100% compliant with the tax bureau requirements!


  Brand new 

 boss side  APP! 

Simplify the complexity, the ordering machine that can be seen at a glance

​Make your employees feel comfortable.


For Reataurants

Easy to operate and quick to use

Support tablet ordering , mobile ordering , takeaway website and scan code ordering

Remote real-time viewing of in-store business conditions

Our advanced AadenCloud ™☁️ cloud system allows you to view the business data in your cash register system securely and in real time. You can check your restaurant's revenue at any time - even when you're not in the restaurant.

AadenCloud ™ can also analyze your dish marketing data to provide reference for your restaurant operation.The dish data synchronization function allows you to easily and independently change the dish information on the mobile app.

​Stable and reliable, based on local deployment, no delay if the network is disconnected

Unlike many other cash register systems, Aaden cash register is based on local deployment and does not depend on external network connections, so it is more stable and reliable.

✅ 7 × 24 hours customer service

✅ Support offline use

✅ Stable and reliable, never go wrong


Solve tax problems easily

Make the most of your time!

Aaden Cashier supports sending your bills directly to your tax accountant via PDF and email, and has a cash book function to record your daily expenses.

✅ Support export to Datev

✅ Easily send your data via email

✅ Stable and reliable, never go wrong


Desk management
​clearly visible

​Elegant order


An elegant page for exquisite food, designed by professional designers, with a high-end atmosphere, providing a distinguished experience.


Excellent qualification

​Member of the German Cash Register Association, passed TSE certification, in line with GOBD, GDPDU and other German national standards

In Europe, 300+ companies have chosen Aaden



Managing restaurants and milk tea shops do not share the same challenges 

But in both fields, we are very professional


Ror Reataurants

​Suitable for Mongolian food, Japanese food, Imbiss, order food and other restaurants

Support multiple ordering methods


For Milk Tea Shops

Applicable to all kinds of milk tea shops, providing kitchen display, calling system, membership system, etc.

Simple and easy to use

​No need to hesitate, we help you solve the trouble of replacing a new system

Free entry of initial dishes, 7-14 days on-site installation

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